Friday, September 19, 2008

How to Accompany Jesus

I found this meditation in the September 2008 edition of Magnificat. Magnificat is a monthly liturgical prayer book with morning and evening prayers as well as the daily reading for mass. I highly recommend that you check them out!

How to Accompany Jesus

When you do not think of yourself, my grace visits you, and I provide what is necessary for you. When you try to do it yourself, I leave you to your own care... In the same way, the more simple you are, the more you will avoid great temptations, which are used to destroy in you that which is an obstacle between you and me. I am simple and near you. To come to me, your work is to remove obstacles; to eliminate, to choose, to remove all that you accumulate in your mind and in your heart apart from me. If you become simple as a child, where are the obstacles? You say that little children, having no great struggles, have no great merits: the purpose of your life does not lie in the personal merit due to your generosity; your merit will lie in using all your generosity to allow me to live in you... Remember this: the value of your existence is not in what you have done, or said, or suffered: it is in the part of your being that you have given to your Savior, in what you have allowed me to do with you. Give me your heart - and your heart is your whole life! See: what you wish to take by your own power, you cannot grasp - my love which prevents you from understanding my passion - if you understood how much I suffered, you would be crushed... Do not tire of asking for love: it transforms everything. Even time: thus when one loves much, one has plenty of time, time in which to do many things.

Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity (+ 1942) was a Poor Clare of Jerusalem

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